enable "Open PowerShell window here" in right click context menu

In Windows 10 Anniversary Update and later Creators Update, if we press “shift” key and right click on desktop, drive, folder, folder blackground, we could see the menu “Open PowerShell window here”. It’s convenient for development. But how to reveal the menu?

After searching on the Internet for a while, I found the clear solution on TenForums and decided to note it down here.

In short:

  1. “Win + R”, run regedit to open Registry Editor.
  2. Go to the locations respectively:

    For each key, right click the key on the left panel, “Permissions…”, “Advanced”, change the owner to “Admistrators”, then assign “Full Control” - “Allow” to “Admistrators”. Press “OK”.

  3. For each key, delete the “Extended” key on the right panel.

After doing these, right click without pressing “Shift” on desktop or blank space in folder in Explorer, we should see the desired “Open PowerShell window here”.

Bonus: Similarly, cmd also have the similar keys. If we also want to show “Open command window here” with shift + right click, we just need to rename HideBasedOnVelocityId to ShowBasedOnVelocityId. If we want to show it without pressing shift key, delete “Extended” key as well.

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