preferring Mac OS X

At last, I installed Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.3 in my Thinkpad T410, though I thought never using hackintosh before. I am getting used to OS X and considering transferring all my working flow into OS X now.

In my old passage, I prefer avoiding hackintosh because of the sucking hardware driver support, and the difficulty to build up the prefect system environment. But the world is developing much faster than that in my opinion, I found some awesome posts about running a prefect OS X on my laptop on [], the most advanced hackintosh discussion platform in my country. So I spent a weekend to successfully run smooth Mac system on my PC laptop, with correct *.kext and dsdt etc, although wireless adaptor and SD card reader don’t work and won’t work. Nothing crashes ever. Yes, it’s prefect and stable enough to work on.

So why does OS X attract me?

Firstly, it’s beautiful and elegant. Windows 7 is beautiful too, but I have faced it for a long time, and it’s time for me to appreciate another kind of art. :-) Ubuntu and other Linux distributions always enjoy ugly desktop. I don’t meet hardware issues in Linux, but I am always disappointed about its wired arrangement of windows, strange launch bar and some other stuffs.

Secondly, it’s consistent. I mean the style of applications, and the consistent keyboard shortcuts. Most of the applications keep the similar GUI style. (Maybe because all of them are developed by using Cocoa framework?) What also shocks me is the fact that I can guess a keyboard shortcuts in different applications, because the similar tasks in different applications share the same keyboard shortcuts, which contributes to my productivity and happiness a lot.

Lastly, it ensures the productivity. The consistent keyboard shortcuts, the feature that most applications can enter full screen mode, high quality applications, and the unix-like system…… The combination of these advantages ensures the smoothness of working. I can give up mouse most of the time, with the help of system keyboard shortcuts and quicksilver. And I can concentrate on one thing with full screen mode. Some professional (and beautiful) applications such as Photoshop exist only on Mac or Windows. Some developing tools such as command tools run smoothly only on Mac or Linux. (I don’t play Windows-only programs such as those rely on .NET at present.) So the software environment of OS X take the advantages of Linux and Windows from my point of view though I have to switch to Windows when I’d like to use online bank. What’s more, it surprises me that messages can communicate between GUI applications, which allows me to use some services to improve the productivity more!

Hope the OS X becomes even better in the future. I think I will buy an Apple product next time I want a new computer (after I have earned enough money though).