never use Hackintosh

Never use Hackintosh. After many frustracted experiences, I had to believe the fact.

A few days ago, I saw a man use a IdeaPad, and his screen attracted me: it runs max os (10.7.3 Lion). Actually, I heard of the “mystery” Hackintosh before. But it was the first time I saw anyone successfully insall it on a PC. “I love anything from Apple Inc. And the mac os is my major operating system instead of Windows 7.” He proudly introduced the os to me, “It’s not easy to run mac os perfectly on a PC. Actually, I have spent almost one year to make it almost perfectly.”

I am interested in the idea. And there is a successful story in front of me. I would like to give it a try. So I started a looong journey.

But it sucks.

In fact, I managed to run mac os in my ThinkPad already. NVIDIA graphics driver ran properly, sound can be heard, via earphones though, and power manger works, being able to show the battery percentage.

As we all know, the key of installing Hackintosh is the hardware compatibility. Drivers and startup configures should be carefully treated. For my computer, I managed to solve the problems about the three most important aspects: graphics, sound, and power. Anything basical just works.

And the key point is: they JUST WORK, ALMOST perfect, but NOT EXACTLY perfect.

It is a simple consideration on economics: we should do things that can bring incomes more than outcomes.

Installing Hackintosh is interesting, at the first time. And successfully making it run is cool, if you do not plan to use the os for a long time. The ALMOST perfect system is annoying: I didn’t know when it will crash, I couldn’t shutdown the computer via software control and I had to press the button manually, and I had to tweak the system to run iTunes properly……

The productivity was incredibly low when I used the Hackintosh. If I have to take almost a year to configure the os into exactly perfect state, why not use Windows 7 and Ubuntu to earn money, then buy a new MacBook Pro a year later?

Never use hackintosh (except you just want to play with it). It absolutely costs and wastes time.