if Flash is open source.....

If Adobe open source Flash, it will regain the control of the web.

It’s no doubted that Flash has greatly contributed to the development of the web. (Well, if it didn’t appear, will HTML standard be developed even faster? Who knows.) But today, Powerful JavaScript, improved HTML 5 and CSS 3 are going to replace it. New tags in HTML 5 such as video and audio can function like Flash. Angry birds and Cut the Rope in HTML 5 are the best proofs.

What if Adobe open source Flash player and related software?

Think about chromium and Android. Google open sources them and they are widely spread because there are no concern about the license. But actually, Google do control the development now, because other firms almost only concern about the “cost” rather than the development of the software itself.

Due to the license problem, Firefox and chromium don’t embed Flash player. Chrome does, because Chrome isn’t open source, different from its brother. Once Flash is open source, browsers can embed Flash players, and factories and net users can contribute to the development of Flash player, solving the issues such as high CPU use more easily. And developers will turn back to the mature Flash technology instead of taking risk of new technology (js, HTML 5 & CSS 3).

In fact, if Flash is open source, there is almost nothing different towards general users.