High Quality

The year of Drangon in China is here. I define the topic of my life “high quality” in the new Chinese year now.

Being addicted to web is harmful.

Today, my blog’s domain has changed to www.fyears.org. wtfy.org will be kept for a while but not long. The rss addresses are http://feeds.feedburner.com/Fleeting-Years (not changed) or www.fyears.org/feed/ . (changed from …wtfy.org…). Feel free the subscribe to one of them. :-)

And all my life online should be changed. This blog will (try to) prove high quality. The blog will focus on things or comments helpful to others (in my opinion) or thoses can inspire others. To ensure the wide spread of influence of my blog, I will try to write posts in English, though in some cases I insist on Simplified Chinese. In fact, most of MY OWN life never attract others (until I became famous in the future), unless my experience should be useful and worth learning (like THIS post). So my diary will be moved to life.fyears.org whose rss is life.fyears.org/feed/ probably mainly written in multi-languages . And as for programming, I believe that I am not a good programmer and not intend to be, so I will avoid to write codes on this blog. Real code for real man, however, I will place my codes and sources on https://github.com/fyears if necessary.

I am afraid of social network now. They waste me lots of time rather than I thought before. I am taking “writing” seriously, and repeatedly I say that one’s life is almost and usually not related to other’s life. So I will insist on writing blog posts WITH DEEP THINKING, though diaries on life.fyears.org will be more relax. I will try to avoid using twitter.com, facebook.com, weibo.com and renren.com if possible.

Books and studying should be the mainstream of the daily life, to keep the high quality and effieiency of time.

I am so despressed about my procrastination, the thief of my time and life. I plan for reading a few books but I always find myself wasting time sufering the web (flashing renren.com and weibo.com etc). Maybe I should delete my accounts on these websites. :-( High quality of life should be filled with the satisfaction of beating the difficulties in studying paths. So I am going to focus on studying mathematics and computer science this year. Not delaying doing anything is hard, but it’s important.

What’s more, I have a bad memory in fact. But I don’t like taking notes before. Maybe it’s useful to keep a tiny notebook or something what ever, to take annotate. So I will keep a custom of taking notes everyday, at least writing down what I have done everyday. “I rethink myself three times everyday.” It’s an attitude towards life, as well as an important necessary condition towards success.

It’s quite obvious that a person should live for a purpose. But it’s also quite strange that so many people just live for live, without thinking why they are here and not commit suicide. I am still thinking but haven’t found the answer yet. It depress me certainly. Hope I can find out the answer this year, well, not just simple and mysterious as “42”, but much more concrete. Once I dream of becoming a physics, and later mathematician. But I found myself too stupid. Now I want to concentrate on economics, which is relatively not so difficult to understand and develop.

All in all, in the new year, high quality is the theme of my life.