good bye 2011, and hello 2012

Due to the exams at the beginning of 2012, I haven’t finished this post until now.

It’s hard to image that the “fleeting” 2011 has passed with such a fast step. In fact, I began to rethink what I had done since I came to university, I always found that I had wasted so much time and fortunately catch some opportunities as well in 2011.

60 percent of the time in 2011 is my life as a freshman in university.

In the aspect of study, the result in 2011 was not bad. Most important GPA was not that high albeit not too low. When it comes to my university, which is not so famous in the world, I have to acquire high GPA and should, but failed. Working harder doesn’t mean getting more, and to me, none with none work, though some “clever” people got not low GPA with some “tricks” (in my eyes) and cheating during the exam. Giving the opportunity, I won’t cheat at least not plan to cheat I think. And sadly, (as I know in the beginning of 2011), I hadn’t finish the task of finishing GRE test. I haven’t finish reciting the words required yet. :-( Hopefully I can enjoy the excitement of passing GRE test in 2012.

The other part of life is certainly the relationship with others. The largest students league the Radio Station (广播台) gave me the the sight of a concept of company management. Hadn’t I ever image how a large league hand out the tasks to many people and ensure the finish of them until I peeped the working process of the league. Moreover, I make friends with some cool guys in it, whom I learnt from a lot and gain experience a lot. Interestingly, I attained another league 1010 Computer Association, in which I was not a unimportant member as I was in the Radio Station (thanks to my ability of technology compared with others’). I met some other friends who have excellent abilities.

It’s worth saying that I began the first independent project with some schoolmates. “”, a website that helps students in the same school exchange their useless things etc. We formed the idea on 21st, July, 2011, with the faith that “life is short and life should be meaningful”.

And I didn’t realize I had stayed at the new school for one year until August.

Then fleeting time came to September. 40 percent of 2011 I was a sophomore.

I was accustomed to plan for many things and ways in front a new milestone or sometime similar. I heard that the second year in university should be very busy. But I got to know that it’s not exactly “true”. An important improvement on myself was that I attempted to tell myself that “It lasts not truly long, I can go through just after standing it for a while.” once I am facing hard or long or terrible difficulties.

Study in mathematics and computer science was unexpectedly difficult, especially computer science. It’s amazing that I still kept the curiosity and interest in mathematics, though my intelligence seemed to be not adequate now. It’s worthy of saying that I knew a little of the “potential” of my ability. The week before the deadline of the exam, I spent two days in library and almost every available afternoon and night for study. So I study from the beginning to the end of a course. After that terrible week, I think that if EVERY week of my life is so efficient, I must act as a genius. Though sadly, GPA seems to be much lower than that in the first year. I MUST study harder next term and later years.

Another change caused by “sophomore” or “growth” is that I am called “senior brother-in-learning” now. I am not quite used to it actually. And I became a “deputy minister” in the league 1010 Computer Association till now. To my pleasure, I got to know many beautiful junior sisters-in-learning now. :-) Though I haven’t met any girlfriend yet. :-( Maybe I should pray for it……

Projects are still so many. Thanks to “”, I met some talent junior brothers-in-learning. And some related ideas about websites or even potential ways to change the world remain to be realized in 2012 or even later, years or decades.

All in all, life always plays jokes on me, and I have to fight. Life is an endless fight with the fate. 2011 has passed, with lots of my regrets, and 2012 is here, regardless of my willingness or any thoughts.I believe that one day in the future, I will discover with pleasure that all paths I will have gone through will bring me an extremely amazing destination, when I see back my steps.