Less is More

“Less is more.” It’s one of my favorite motto.

While designing a project, a production, or an art, which I would like to say, I always prefer to make subtraction, until nothing should be thrown away or given up. However, while bringing the project out of the paper or the brain, I discover that it is much harder to remain the simplicity – the details, the additional must-have, and something forgotten which suddenly occurs to me, always destroy my simple and elegant design, as well as turn it into a total mess in the end.

Maybe it’s my pursue for the “perfection” that drive me to the wrong way. In my mind, I should consider all the possible conditions to avoid the imperfection. But, it’s impossible all the time. So the perfect way is the imperfect way, not considering anything but just describe the ideal form of the design. Less is more. Simplicity should take magical effect only if I am concentrate on the simplicity, without thinking of or dealing with so many extra things.

Less is more. Itself describes more than itself actually.