CloudFlare -- an excellent CDN service

CloudFlare is a service that makes any website faster, safer, smarter…better.

It’s the description from CloudFlare. I can’t agree more.

In fact, CloudFlare is a CDN service, which “protects and accelerates any website online”. Most importantly, it’s uniquely free, which is almost impossible and unbelievable, because a reliable CDN service always needs a lot of investment.
After having a try, I am greatly satisfied. According to, the loading speed of requests from around the world gets much higher, compared with that before I start to use this service.

It’s website is modern and beautiful. And its guild is clear in my opinion. In fact, visitors who follows the process of “sign up” can easily enjoy the service, and even though someone doesn’t need its service of acceleration, he can use it as a free and good DNS management. Well, if someone thinks it is worthy of payment, he can upgrade his account to Pro.

In the end, I am clarifying that CloudFlare hasn’t given me any money at all, except providing me with its free service :-) ,though it seems I am advertising it. Anyway, if you has your own domain, you should have a try.