LOMO camera DIY

I booked a “toy” online days later, and it arrived today.
It’s a box of all parts of a camera, or rather, a LOMO camera. What’s a LOMO camera? “The most stupid, old fashioned, and original camera.” I would say like this.
Most importantly and unusually, I have to assembly those parts, and my task is to get a camera in my hands finally.
DIY –Do It Yourself– always brings us fun, doesn’t it?

Here are some picture taken. Of course, they are taken from my mobile phone, not the one I was making :-) , to note down the process.

Inside the box.

I spent much time on the shutter, which is not complicate but designed cleverly.

More than a half is finished.

Final effect.

Though the manual is provided, it took me 4 hours to finish the task. And in the end, I was a little excited.

Well, I haven’t tried it yet, because it uses films and I’ve not bought them. Maybe I will add further information days later.