when my dreams are being realized by others

Dear readers, have you discovered that there are always some people, who seem to be a little luckier than you, realize your dream before you do that, and finish your project ahead of you?
I didn’t believe it once upon a time. However, I believe I’ve actually met one after I entered the university.

He seems to be working hard, in my eyes, which I have to admit unwillingly. And it is unbearable that he reach so many targets I set at the first time I come to university. He entered the League Group, but I failed; he met many schoolmates, when I want but I couldn’t do it well; he made girl friends, yes, not only one, and quickly, while I am still single; I wanted to become a member of the “base class” , but he succeed without any preparation; I want to recite the vocabulary of GRE, and he is following step by step……
I can’t help making the list.

To be honest, I admit, I am feeling envious to him. Especially when my dream is realized by him, or others.

But why? In fact, one of my good friends is always ahead of me, but I never feel envious to my friend. I feel happy about his success, and cheer for him. I just think my friend is deserved to achieve the success.
On the contrary, I will never think the one, I hate and is talking about here, is deserved to his success. Maybe sometimes I could not control myself, and debate or argue with him, when we disagree with each other. I prevent to have a quarrel with him. Always I try my best to be self-control and analyse his words objectively, and always he can’t convince me indeed.
So, I don’t think he should realize my dream.

Now I tell myself:
When my dreams are being realized by others, I should not complain. What I must do is to calm myself down, and achieve the goal and realize the dream, leaving the opponents far far away.