What is 'gelivable'?A Chinese tells you.

“Gelivable” describes something which is so cool, or cooperative. In similar, “ungelivable” means the opposite aspect.

“Gelivable” is in fact Chinglish, coming from the word “给力”, whose Pinyin is “geili”. In some dialects of Chinese, people says “给力”, or “geili” in Pinyin, when they see or discover some cool staff and use the word to describe it. “给力” or “geili” originally means “to give power to”.

And not long ago, the word appeared in a cartoon from Jp. And net users in China agree that it depicted the plot so vividly and in a funny way. So “geili” is now everywhere spreading in the Internet especially in China.

Moreover, some people think it a good idea to “translate” it into English, and they invent “gelivable” with the help of morphology, and in fact they cut off “i” in the middle according to habits in English world. Then there come “ungelivable” and “gelivablity”, etc.

Anyway, “gelivable” itself is quite gelivable, we must say.