to obtain a job

In the Education to Be an Elite, I have noted down some points about how to obtain a job.

In order to obtain a job a bit more easily in the future, you should plan the following five points which the employers lay great emphasis on into the depth of your heart.
First of all, your attitude toward the job. It means that you, just one of a large number of common job hunters, should express your strong desire to employers to distinguish yourself, because every enterprise always prefers to active and energetic workers.
Second, your profound knowledge related to the area you would be in. As it is known to all, it is a decisive element while hunting for a job and so you should never neglect it.
Third, your team spirit. As the old saying goes, “Two heads are better than one”. In current society, it is impossible for an individual to defeat a team. As a result, you must set up the idea of team cooperation. If you haven’t, you should cultivate it from now on.
Fourth, your loyalty to the company. It will be very silly if you expose your willingness to resign at an appropriate moment in order to work for other company that offers higher payment during the interview.
Last but not the least, your appearance and outfits in an interview. It will be ridiculous if you attend the interview wearing jeans, vest or other informal clothes, or with a low spirit.

All these are part of my notes and I hope it will benefit job hunters in the future. The following is something about my fresh experience I may value it along my life.

A few days ago, I signed up to be a voluntary tutor, which I thought would be an easy and interesting thing. But only when I reached the unexpected place where I was to conduct my teaching did I realise how wrong I had been and how harsh terms the rural children lived in. It was in a low, rough and ready “hospital” with a dim surrounding and a very small size. The ground was not covered with smooth and beautiful bricks but rough cement. And there was no advanced equipment or facilities I used to see in hospitals in my hometown. In a word, it was even no match for the medical station in my university. To be honest, I had never personally seen such kind of hospital and I couldn’t imagine how rough the accommodation the rural children live in. Writing all of these didn’t mean that I would give in in front of these difficulties. Instead, I was moved by my student’s respect to me and intense enthusiasm for study in spite of upbringing in such harsh terms. So I thought I was fortunate to teach him, a go-getter, and at the same time I felt a sense of responsibility that I should devote myself to helping him in every aspect during the weekly 2 or 3 hours class, for he was filled with promise and I didn’t want to lead him astray. So even though I may not be a good teacher, I’ll try my best