the unpleasant experience

During this week, what depresses me most is the unpleasant experience on Friday afternoon.

On this day, the Love Association and the Volunteer Association held a joint activity which aimed at helping those who were suffering leukaemia. According to the introduction of the activity, one was asked to provide 5mL of blood to record your special elements in his blood and then create a blood data base. When his elements could co-exist with a leukaemia sufferer, he would be asked if he would like to help the patient. If so, what he donated was just 10g of some specific cells which produced new blood cells. In a word, one could help those with deadly leukaemia just losing 10g of cells, a very negligible sacrifice. So, hardly had I hesitate for a second to join the activity when I heard about it.

After that, I, with great expectation, sent messages to my classmates as well as roommates to ask them to come. Then, I stayed there as a related worker providing the volunteers with guides to fill in tables about some specific ways to get in touch with them before their donations, for I was a member of the Love Association. However, as time went by, I felt more and more depressed because neither had I received any replies nor I caught sight of anybody I familiar with. In the end, the sun set and the activity was force to come to an end. Without doubt, it was a very intensely depressing fact that nobody around me had come. I didn’t know why they did so. Didn’t they know that their participation in the activity might help save an invaluable life even though it was of a small possibility? Didn’t they know that what meant little to them meant a lot to others? If they knew, I really couldn’t figure out why they didn’t come. When I asked them about it quietly suppressing my displeasure, they told me they were busy with Interactive English or finishing various homework. What ridiculous answers! To be honest, I really wanted to argue with them or even fight with them as soon as I got their answers. But I didn’t. I turn back to them and went away seeming peacefully. At that moment, I was flooded by a sense of unprecedented cold and loneliness and I didn’t know what I should do.

At one time, I thought I could live alone and needn’t friends with the same interests with me. But now, it has proved that I was wrong. I hoped to have friends that were really worth making friends with. I hoped to have some confidants around me. But it seemed that it was impossible. At least, I have found none up to now. Currently, I’m troubled by the question that whether I should go on to make friends with my classmates and roommates. If go on, I will surely feel a bit unpleasing and always have to force myself to be friendly, which I think will make me tired and upset. If not, I won’t be able to have as much friends as I need to overcome some difficulties in the future. What shall I do?