Tab Play Project from Google

It’s an excellent idea aimed at promoting Chrome Browser.
On November 19th, Google in Japan invited a group of kids for helping developing “Tab Play Project”. Each of they chose some frames of animation to paint, and then they scanned the 300 pictures into the computer. Next, on the big screen, tabs of Chrome are opened, each of which showed a colourful picture. So when people pressed Ctrl + W (Command + W in Apple), the command of closing the current tab and opening the next tab almost at the same time, it seemed that they were watching an animation of a moving story, about a person’s life! The result is quite excellent and amazing!

We can try it by ourselves on the project page.
Click the blue button on the right side for a small test or try; and click on the gray button on the right side to challenge the performance of Chrome, 25 tabs one click, and you should click it for 12 times to open all the picture tabs.

Or watch the shocking video of introduction:

The news comes from from Google Japan Blog.