Simplified Blackjack in C

Now I’d like to share one of my experience of programming C.

Our teacher gave us a task: to finish a small but not so useless program by our own in C. He gave three options and unluckily, I was so confident that I chose the most difficult one: to write a program of Blackjack (simplified though, without money involved), also known as Twenty-one, played in command line.

It is a disaster. Though I scanned lots of programming books, however, I haven’t really finished a useful project before. In this task, I strongly realize how stupid I am.

First of all, I don’t know the way to shuffle the 52 cards. Their order requires random, no repeat, and easy to access. “Array”, you must say. However, I didn’t exactly understand how it works in C, and I had to find out the algorithm, which our teacher didn’t tell us. And after I found the answer to the algorithm, I was trapped in the pointers and arrays, and my poor understanding to function in C forced me to face strange warnings and errors. I wasted long long time to debug the shuffle_cards() function, though in the end I realized how simple it is.

Secondly, too many branches in the game exactly annoyed me a lot. There are too many possible results of the game, due to its rules. So I had to use lots of if(){}else{} statement, which results in ugly look and slow performance.

Finally, problems occur when I want to compile the code. I develop it in Ubuntu Linux, and gcc works fine. But it seems that Visual C++ 6.0 doesn’t like the code! Luckily I found alternative compiler in Windows: Dev C++ and Tiny C Compiler. And I finished it now. They are ugly and unclean codes. :-(

It is an unforgettable experience. Well, anyway, after all, I dare to say I have developed in C now!

I have uploaded it to now.