My Horrible Saturday

It was on 13th, Nov. It was such a black day.

At half past six, much earlier than the time I usually wake up on weekdays, I had to open my eyes reluctantly, start to wash my face and brush my teeth regardless of a strong desire to close my eyes and go back to sleep sweetly because I wanted to be punctual for the programme outside my school which was aimed at promoting my ability of public speaking and offering same shortcuts to the success of the interview for a job in the future, even though it was an hour earlier than its usual time. When I was on my way to a canteen, Hu, who I acquainted in the programme, called me if I would like to go with him. I agreed and we decided to meet at the entrance to the canteen at half past seven. So I finished my breakfast as quickly as possible and waited punctually only to find that his arriving time was more than fifteen minutes late. But thanks to the smooth traffic and we successfully arrived our destination in time.

After coming back and resting for no more than one hour, I had to go for an appointment with a teacher from other school. Before I went on my story, I have something to tell you. Two weeks ago, her school launched an outdoor train for the ability of living in natural field which I was so interested in that I signed it up.

Unfortunately, it had a limitation on the number of participants and I failed to be chosen. In return, she offer me a ticket for the annual meeting of the hosts of some famous net users who would share their invaluable experience with entrepreneurs on the Internet selflessly on next Saturday.

Let’s come back to my disastrous experience. Similar to those new comers in a city, I had no idea but to inquire passers-by about the route frequently even though I had already acquired the true route to her school by calling 114. Eventually, I didn’t arrive my destination until one and a half hour after I departed. Stepping into an old building, I met her in a neat room. Only after we had started our talk for nearly one hour did I realize her aim at persuading me to join their programme which is consistent with the one in the morning. At that moment, I felt a little embarrassed to tell her I had join a similar one and so she consecutively showed me various endless benefits I would obtain if I join that her one. Hearing her continuous words with an a little stiff smile, how I regretted my choice of coming here, missing rare opportunity of playing badminton in indoor fields in other school with the people in the association of badminton. I should have been playing badminton, one of my favorite sport. I should have owned a wonderful afternoon with intense happiness and joy. I should have been making friends with those who had the same interests with me. In the end, she had no alternative but to give up but it was already 6 o’clock.

Distractedly, I came to the bus-stop. After I got off the bus and I was going to change another route of bus, I, surprisingly found that there was not the route of bus which I took when I came here on the bus brand. With a bit worry and anxiety, I asked others for help. However, nobody knew the answer and somebody even showed me a wrong way. After ten minutes, I, with a sense of happiness which was difficult to explain, finally found the bus-stop which was at least three hundred meters far from the one toward the opposite direction and there was a busy crossing between them. However, what drove me into great frustration was the that it was not until I had been waiting there for half an hour did I notice the fact that the route of bus I was going to take would not come after 6 o’clock in winter, which was written on the brand. What a terrible fact it meant to me! Without other choice, I took a taxi at the expense of 21 yuan. And at eight o’clock, I eventually return to my school.

What a terrible day it was! I sacrificed so much time and money for the meaningless appointment. On that day, the old saying proved, “Misfortune never come singly!”