My College Life

To be honest, before my going into the university ,I used to be panicking at the idea of studying in university, quiet different from others’ eagerness for college life with enviable freedom in a high degree, compared with that in middle school. At that time, I deemed it as a small complex society filled with conflicts among different personalities, various unpleasant and even revolting things and so on. Nevertheless only when I started my college life did I realize how silly opinion I used to hold.

In the past three months, it is true that I have quarreled with my roommates and classmates for more than once. It is also true that I have encountered a lot of difficulties that I had never met. However, none of them is insurmountable and unconquerable. Only after I went through them could I be aware of the fact that I had been rewarded more than I can think. As you may know, it is arguments that strengthen the relationship between my roommates and I. Similarly, it is the difficulties that perfect my personality and character, help me to become independent and cultivate an optimistic attitude towards life, which would be neglected but actually invaluable wealth in my life.

Apart from what I have mentioned, it dawn on me that a well-balanced life is the key to the happy life with a wonderful sense of fulfillment. It is not until I stepped into university life did I start to appreciate the importance of leading a well-balanced life. A well-balanced life means I have to arrange my time for study, sport and entertainment appropriately. From my point of view, study, my major task of coming into university, is supposed to take the possession of all the time on weekdays. When I feel a bit distracted and restless, which is absolutely inevitable for me in the progress of absorbing acknowledge, I will interrupt it and browse through magazines like “Reader” and “Motto” to relax myself and provide myself with spiritual nutrient helping me to go further in the way to academic success. However, as the old saying goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” So, at weekends, I always spend some time in playing badminton with my classmates regardless of the occasional strong wind. Despite of outdoors fields, I can still enjoy myself and have a drastically pleasant time. But what depresses me most is that I surprisingly find that all of my classmates’ skill in badminton is worse than mine, so it is of little possibility for me to recapture the tense feeling while playing with my friends in my hometown. In similar, I meet the same issue in the area of Chinese chess. It is an extremely depressing fact that I can hardly find out anybody around me who have ever learned about playing Chinese chess, and needless to say anyone who is proficient in it. However, fortunately, I get a small software of Chinese chess and I am astonished the fact that I can rarely win a game without retracting my movement, which brings me far more joy and happiness than any other things do. In spite of the two events, the extracurricular activities launched by various societies also convey great pleasure to me and at the same time I come to know much more people and communicate and try to interact with them, and it’s such a different lifestyle compared with the one in middle school.

All of these are the main stream of my college life. If possible, I will tell you some trivial things of my life in the latter composition.