great impact on my mind

After attending the class at the program, named the Education to Be an Elite, outside my college, I can’t wait to share what it impart to me, which we are likely to rely on today, or even in the future.

Before the class, I used to firmly believe that I would achieve success if only I worked hard in the area of my study and I, however, could hardly figure out what the true success to me was and to what degree I hoped to achieve , and I thought that I would never be too late to contemplate the two questions after I finished my academic journey. As a result, I always advanced with a bit of confusion. But after the class, everything has changed. It is the two-hour short class that evokes my emphasis on clear, practical goals and plans for my life. Through the class, I realized only one has set up his ultimate goal where he has strong desire to reach can he carries huge momentum forward and march to success by his consecutive effort. The lecturer showed that those without specific target always strolled slowly enjoying excellent music like me or whispering with friends in different gender, a not uncommon phenomenon in college, while those owned that used to walking or riding a bike as fast as possible because they never forgot the fact that they still had a long way to go in order to fulfill their dream. After the step, we have to make plans or, precisely, lots of short-term goals. By doing so, we can feel out ultimate target accessible and then enhance our confidence and determination to overcome any obstacles or difficulties on our way to success. Nevertheless, to be honest, although the two key points have stricken into the deep of my heart, I still have no idea about my future career up to now. But I promise I will make it as early as I can.

Apart from the two important point, here is an easy to conduct but meaningful method in building our friendly relationship around us. It’s essential for us to make a list of others’ advantages. Honestly, in my daily life, I just feel like making friend with the only one of my roommates, Ju Pengfei. He is so hard-working as he surprisingly gets up at 6 o’clock in the morning while goes to sleep not until half past twelve at night, resulting in my frequency of feeling a little ashamed of my laziness. Except for the go-getter, I can never have a friendly but normal or even indifferent talk with the other six roommates, even though I do remember I should make friends with them while making conversations. That is mainly because I am always particular with them and so I feel unworthy of doing so. Considering that, I believe that to make a list of their merits is an effective way to improve my relationship with my roommates.

In short, I have learn many things in the program, including some trips for hunting jobs. In the end, remember that only two kinds of people are never tired. One is those be content with current common life. Another is those in the persuit of their goal. I hope I am the latter one.