MunanSoft Pear, a special and the best notebook

It’s so unbelievable that there comes a new notebook, named Pear from Munansoft, which is much better than Macbook and so on!

Why not have a nearer look at this super notebook?

1.The appearance is modeled after Mac apple while however becoming more elegant and fashionable!

2.USB connection, Blue-ray Disk Reader, and so on! DVD-10 supported! With MunanSoft Pear nothing has been lost!

3.Super thin 16:10 screen, by which we can watch 3D movies without glasses. What’s more, the touching experience is even better than Thinkpad! And the notebook is hand-writing and wired mouse supported! It sounds wonderful, un?

4.Playing games, scientific computing? No problem! The fastest CPU and the best VGA Card provided!

5.MunanSoft Doors is the modernest system till now! And what if wanting any system? Switch them as you want!

6.Care about your security? Why not use MunanSoft Pear? Designed for FBI specially, it must be the best guard of your data!

7.As much softwares as you can imagine!

8.MunanSoft company is considerate. Details are under the consideration. For example, you can even get the discount coupon from Mc Donald, Nike, KFC and much more!

So what are you feeling now? Exciting? In fact, the notebook Pear re-defines the concept “perfect notebook” forever! Let’s wait 1000 years for the cheapest and most powerful notebook in the world!