first week in university

The rules have absolutely changed.

All problems should be solved by ourselves. All are our own business.

Students not in China can never understand that, Chinese students high schools always follow teachers’ guide, and always enjoy no freedom, but doing homework and listening to parents and teachers. However, while they enter university, they become free birds out of cages. The strong contrast makes students unable to control themselves.

No one push us to study, so lazy we are that we easily lose motivation. In fact, I find that most of the teachers and professors only repeat those in books. Exactly, all good students have big projects, but most of them fail to succeed.

Communication are necessary. In high schools in China, even if a student never talk with others, he or she can still be considered as “a good student” if he get good marks in tests. But it’s not true in a university. I am so upset and sad that I failed to join in Student Union and Youth-League Union. :-( So I have to select an associations. It seems that if I meet with interviews, I can never succeed. I have no choice but keep on trying ……

Anyway, I have big projects. I want to pass the exam with high marks, and I want to study abroad. Strong wills and perseverance are needed. Though the road is so long and full of traps.