Love Song by Fish Leong

Fish Leong, 梁静茹, known as “the Queen of Love Songs”, is famous for her special attractions in her songs.

Fish Leong is my favourite singer, without “one of”, I can say. In fact, the first time I heard her song, I felt that something touched my heart, which is in the deepest place. Here is her official website, and here is the introduction.

I love many of her songs, though not all. And I love “Love Song”(“情歌”) from the album “Fall in Love & Songs”(“靜茹&情歌-別再為他流淚”) the most till now.

[00:09.09]"Love Song"("情歌")
[00:18.18]from the album "Fall in Love & Songs"("靜茹&情歌-別再為他流淚")
[00:24.78]時光是琥珀 淚一滴滴被反鎖
[00:32.26]情書再不朽 也磨成沙漏
[00:39.15]青春的上游 白雲飛走蒼狗與海鷗
[00:46.30]閃過的念頭 潺潺的溜走
[00:53.09]命運好幽默 讓愛的人都沉默
[00:59.74]一整個宇宙 換一顆紅豆
[01:06.41]回憶如困獸 寂寞太久而漸漸溫柔
[01:13.73]放開了拳頭 反而更自由
[01:20.42]慢動作 繾綣膠捲 重播默片 定格一瞬間
[01:27.68]我們在 告別的演唱會 說好不再見
[01:34.63]你寫給我 我的第一首歌
[01:40.31]你和我 十指緊扣 默寫前奏
[01:48.02]還好我有 我這一首情歌
[01:53.98]輕輕的 輕輕哼著 哭著笑著
[01:58.92]我的 天長地久
[02:20.21]命運好幽默 讓愛的人都沉默
[02:27.42]一整個宇宙 換一顆紅豆
[02:33.98]回憶如困獸 寂寞太久而漸漸溫柔
[02:41.20]放開了拳頭 反而更自由
[02:47.87]長鏡頭 越拉越遠 越來越遠 事隔好幾年
[02:54.96]我們在 懷念的演唱會 禮貌的吻別
[03:03.59]你寫給我 我的第一首歌
[03:09.49]你和我 十指緊扣 默寫前奏
[03:17.42]還好我有 我這一首情歌
[03:23.12]輕輕的 輕輕哼著 哭著笑著
[03:28.04]我的 天長地久
[03:34.35]陪我唱歌 清唱你的情歌
[03:40.44]捨不得 短短副歌 心還熱著
[03:48.34]還好我有 我下一首情歌
[03:54.07]生命宛如 靜靜的 相擁的河
[03:58.98]永遠 天長地久