the world outdoors is too attractive

The world outdoors is by no means unbeautiful.

Everyday many pieces of news spread through the Internet. There’s a new service, there’s a superphone on sale, and there are so many good books in discount, etc. Additionally, magazines and messages never give up introducing the colourful but disturbing information about different but all attractive things. In short, next minute is another minute, with the latest and most wonderful things ever.

The attractive things seize my eyes. In other words, I’m focused on the beautiful outdoor world, leading to my less attention to the jobs I must finish indoors. It’s not so good. In fact, it’s too bad.

I still remember the sweet days few years before., when I was poor and hadn’t broadened my horizons, not being aware of the wonderful world. The days were just as simple as it could be, and everyday was just a routine day, quiet and peaceful, without waves and winds. No newest computers or iPhone, because I knew little then.; no latest books, for my only choice was the local bookstores instead of network; no stylish and modern decoration; no most delicious food……

I enjoyed it a lot. I was tolerant, patient without cares about speed. I felt satisfied with what I had had, however unfashionable or simple they were.

Sadly, on the contrary, I feel eager to get in touch with wonderful, disordered, every-second-refreshed charming world outdoors. My mind has been polluted, occupied by so many unnecessary and useless details, or rather, rubbish. I became influential now. The temptation is flooding into my brain. I find it hard to concentrate on what I’m working on. How serious and ridiculous it is!

On my personal level, I would rather return to the simple ease, peaceful and comfortable life, though impossible.

I feel sorry that the world outdoors is too attractive to me.