the life is gambling one after another

Generally speaking, the life is gambling one after another.

What we are gambling on are not only whether go to left or right, but also our directions in our future. We have to take risks, on our youthhood and ages, on our happiness and tears. And, in fact, our competitor is the Destiny.
Except some who are fairly rich or poor, who are fairly strong or weak, most of other simple people have to, gamble, however unwilling they are, considering how fortunate or unlucky they are.
Gambling is a game with exact asymmetric information. Every piece of useful or useless or clear or vague information results in subtle consequence. I think he thinks I think……will do these or those. We can not help ourselves considering how others think about us. I am sure that psychologists will take interested in this phenomenon.

It seems that most of the gamblers have their briefs. Whatever the synonym is, I think “destiny” is the best description. As one of the gamblers, of course I believe in Destiny. But I do not think he will bless me, and my only wish is that he doesn’t notice me. Well, I agree that without benefits he will not give me any benefits, and it is of more possibility that he plays jokes on me.
So, my way of life which should be calm and peaceful becomes full of difficulties. Sometimes Destiny jumps out with different faces:
“You should leave something valuable if you want to go on!”
“So…rry, but, but, I have no money at all.”
“You can replace money with youthhood and hard works, the present and the future.”
Any other choice? Besides me there’s a dirty road, which means I would bear starvation, and I not dare to step to the road; above me there’s some big birds, and Only after I gain enough power can I jump up to their back, and fly in the sky free, but I haven’t gained enough power yet; near me there’s a door to other country, but the key is sufficient money, and I haven’t. Then, I have to choose to have short rests between gambling.

We came to the world without any thing. Mercy and cruel Time gave us some capital, those youthhood and ages, those thrilling and ambition, “Boys and girls, remember, the rule is to gamble, before you gain the power to change the rule. I wait for you at your end.” After that we go forward with hopes. In the end, some gain a lot, and some even have changed the rule. However, more lose anything, and leave the world with nothing.