the introduction of WPG

WPG, This is a Group. A WordPress Group, A Life Long Film.

Not professional photographers, we are able to get the pictures on Flickr with a Lomo;
Not professional directors, we can organize a drama with a DV;
Not professional programmers, we can build up WPG in hands.
WPG, this is a group, a group of friends met on the web.
We establish a silent world by words and images.
Here, everyone is talking, and everyone is listening;
It’s full of laughs and cries, and it’s filled with understandings of life.
The black here doesn’t mean boring and fear. The zone is a fantastic place.
After you forget the boring atmosphere in the classrooms, offices and meeting rooms, what black brings you is the endless excitement.
The stories of the film have not been written down before, and everything is going on;
Our cameramen are hiding, recording all which are happening.
Every existing thing has its own roles, no matter how unimportant it is.
Maybe you’ve just not discovered it yet, since many people haven’t, either, including me.
At the moment you join us, the play started;
In this process, we get to know you, and you get to know yourself.

—-the introduction of WPG

I discovered the special group not a long time ago. In fact, I was surprised by the atmosphere of the group. It seemed that the founder wanted to build up an utopia land on the web in my eyes at that time. However, after some observation, I realized that the founder has achieved her goal of making true friends and organizing a family-like group on the web. It’s so cool and wonderful.