a colourful symbol

Such is a simple but meaningful pen, though the original owner has forgotten it.

Here is a closer look at it. It enjoys a snowy white body of purity, with a hat in black, showing the colour itself. “jeLL pLust 8000” and “m0nAmi” seem to be the pen’s name, with the size of 0.4.

What a simple pen it is! There may be many people having touched it. However, neither do I know them nor care about the answer, but it was the beautiful scenery that has occupied a room of my brain.

I seldom remember to buy a new pen even when all my pens’ ink has run out. That day, I turned to her. Then the beautiful scenery filled into my eyes and mind.

She handed this pen to me.

The soft sunshine conveyed the light and clear details around. Playing roles as background, the green grass , books and the desktop reflected a quiet moment. There seemed to be some dirt floating in the air, without winds but a charming atmosphere. Her pretty face was not in front of me, which, however, attached some indescribable feelings to her body. The temporary moment was exactly an excellent harmonious painting, which even whoever is the best painter can never paint it on paper. The effects on light and shadow an their mixtures were perfect. The pen and her were the center of the world.

After that, whether the quality or the emotion helped me write confidently in spite of my poor hand-writing ability remains a mystery.

I loved the pen so much that it was not until almost all the ink had been used out did I realized the problem. Immediately I stopped to keep it aside. From then on, the pen or the symbol, accompanies me while I’m studying or working. Of course I don’t allow others to use it.

Well, any way, things may merely be simple, unless someone or something attach the meanings to them. Such is the case with the pen to me.

As a matter of fact, there is still some rest ink in the pen. It shows a little warmth and hope rather than complete darkness and desperate. The vivid symbol exists in the deep place in my memory, and my heart.