creating Chinese poem or couplet in dream while sleeping

Maybe in dream we are more productive and creative and confident. Whatever we think for a long time in daytime also confuse us in our dream while sleeping. In fact, some scientists, or rather, psychologists, point out that sometimes our potencial lies in our deep sleep dream.

I mean, I found myself having created a good Chinese poem, or just a couplet, in my two layers of dream!

In detail, at night, I dreamed a dream, in which I had a dream about a Chinese poem!

In the second layer of the dream, or the “inner” one, my friends and I went travelling. Faced with the beautiful sightseeing, I was greatly impressed, which led to my creation of a splendid Chinese poem. However, I “woke up”, actually rising into the first layer of the dream, or the “outer” one. Besdie a desktop, I tried my best to remind myself of the poem created in the inner dream (Of course I was not aware of the fact that I was still dreaming.) . Fortunately I recovered my poem, and wrote it down proudly. Suddenly, I really woke up, suffering the cold wind from the window of my bedroom. Hardly could I remember the sentences! Quickly I attempted to return to the sleep dream.

At last, regretfully, only two sentences, a part of the Chinese poem, as a couplet, came back to my brain: