a model rather than a vagrant

He is a model rather than a vagrant.

Here is a starkly handsome Chinese man walking with a model’s measured gait, and wearing a rag-tag but well co-ordinated overcoat on top of a leather jacket. His eyes peer into the middle distance, in what one fan described as “a deep and penetrating way”, and he strides confidently forward.

But this is no catwalk model. This is a homeless man in the city of Ningbo. And now a band of web followers are calling him the coolest man in China.

His good looks and bohemian dress sense have won him thousands of online fans after a resident of Ningbo posted a picture online. Web users in China have called him the “Beggar Prince”, the “Handsome Vagabond”, and, most often, “Brother Sharp”.

People in the internet give him some interesting comments:

1: Those sad eyes, the sparse mustache, the miraculous godly hairstyle, the smog of a cold cigarette smoked by this melancholy passerby in some cold and careless street … and that messy hair! Everything just deeply captivated me with an indescribable feeling at a moment.

2: European and American rough style outpouring a taste of Japanese exquisite. And that Japan’s hottest messy hairstyle, unbelievable! Under the cloak of second-hand coats dug from China’s antique shops, holding the latest LV’s paper bag, he is absolutely master of mix & match. And finally, that global limited GUCCI x-clot waist belt, which is the crucial point of the whole work, considering color vision in the view of vogue, only those who are willing to devote to the fashion can really understand.

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