a historic moment

Here is the history moment.

On 12th, January, Google announced that they would reconsider the relationship with a country. Today, 23rd, Mar,2010, the company actually leaves the mainland of the country.

From now on, users wanting to visit Google.cn will be redirected to google.com.hk, which tells us “Welcome to the new home of Google Search in China.” We can know the service availability through the page provided by Google. Though some services are still alive, they can only keep on for mostly one year, because web companies in China have to apply for the “ISP”, which of course Google are unable to obtain any more.

There is no doubt that, before long, Google.com.hk or Google.com will be blocked, meaning the interesting results, as well as the construction of “Innernet” completed.

For more information in Chinese, here is the address.

What will happen next? It remains to be observed, which must be interesting and wonderful.

We are writing the pages of history.

However, what should be always kept in mind is that:

It is not Google that gives up PRC, but it is PRC that gives up the world.