why should we start writing

Everyone has gone through a moment, that he or she has the emotion to write, for nothing, but the impulse inside the heart.

However, we always cancel this thought at once, for our busy time, for our clumsy fingers, for our not adequate bravery.

Writing is almost the original instinct, as we modern people. No matter happiness or sorrow approaching, we may not willing to speak it out, but we’d like to express ourselves through words under pens or keyboard.

Imagine a beautiful view: one day, a branch of sunshine on a beautiful girl’s smiling face, with pens, she is building another fantasy world, once in her brain, but now in the paper. Later, maybe everyone around the world has the opportunities to be shared with the fancy, the view on world, life and values. Only by writing can we get in touch with the magical power.

The power of thoughts, the power of writing.

Starting writing right now, no matter how poor our styles of writing are, no matter how shy we are. Grasp the pen, something begins to change.

Sometimes, texts and words live longer than ourselves.